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The Ghost and Molly McGee follows Molly, who lives to make the world a better place, and Scratch, whose joy comes from spreading misery. When one of Scratch’s spells backfires, he finds himself forever cursed in Molly’s presence.
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MimiMakesArts1 MimiMakesArts1 23 March

S1 episode ratings

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Whiteflower28 Whiteflower28 20 March

"Punishment" category

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ReallyUsefulSteamTram ReallyUsefulSteamTram 30 December 2021

What to predict

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BrandyHarringtonFan BrandyHarringtonFan 7 December 2021

when are the next 5 episode being put on Disney+ ?

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MyNamesGuy MyNamesGuy 23 November 2021


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"Scare Tactics"/"The Bad Boy Bobby Daniels"
March 12, 2022

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"Citizen McGee"/"The Internship" on June 11, 2022!

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