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Book Marks the Spot is a local bookshop that belongs to the Stein-Torres family, which doubles as said family's house and home (as revealed in Festival of Lights, they live upstairs while the shop itself is downstairs). It was probably very popular in it's hayday, as it has a section for every topic and is practically half the size of the Town Library, but nowadays is struggling because books aren't selling like they used to in favor of obtaining digital information. As Libby's mother, shop owner Ms. Stein-Torres, had stated: "e-books are e-killing us!"

This very location had become a place of refuge during a winter blackout on the last day of Hannukah, where, despite the generator having enough gas in it for an hour, the heat and lights kept working for the full eight hours the blackout took place, practically recreating the same miracle that created the holiday to begin with.